BT Broadband Cables Damaged

Published: 25/01/2017

Fixed: There are no known issues. Lost internet connection to businesses in Worksop is caused by damaged cables. BT have re-connect all services.

Mail Server Upgrade

Published: 20/11/2016

We have upgraded one of our business email servers and this will effect some email accounts. Email account details have not changed and you will be able to connect with your mobile devices without you changing anything. Call 07976216464 if you have any issues. Support Team

Domain Names .EU

Published: 18/11/2016

Please note that from 23rd November, 2016, .EU domains will no longer have a renewal grace period. This means any .EU domain expiring on, for example 23rd November, will be deleted on 23rd November itself, if not renewed before that date. Other domain names will only have x2 weeks grace.

Copyright of Photos and Graphics

Published: 11/10/2016

Copyright Internet publication of photographs etc., are accepted on the strict understanding that the customer holds the copyright. The customer must assume liability for any resulting action brought about by a third party.

New Service Price Implimented

Published: 02/09/2016

Price and Product Update: For hosting a "site space only package" + emails + mobile ready + Databases +FTP Accounts = price is now £50. For Hosting and building a website, price is now £100 (everyone demands more time, features, services). New prices take effect from 01 Sep 2016.

IMPORTANT: Your Website Photos

Published: 24/07/2016

The photos used at your websites must be your own. Would you please login and check that the photos are your own - photos must not come from Google!. Your login details are: user name: your email address and your password. Please double check your website. - Do not break copyright laws. ...

Ticket & email support.

Published: 29/06/2016

Please use our ticket support system it you have any questions or issues. All servers, web, email and Database are working - no known issues. Microquiz Ltd.

Mail Servers Upgraded

Published: 14/06/2016

All mail servers are upgraded, routine maintenance completed. Status = OK.

Mail Server Upgrade

Published: 09/06/2016

Scheduled Maintenance on one of our email servers is planned to take place this weekend (9th-10th June). Please don't change your connection settings. Support Team.

Faster, Router Installed

Published: 07/04/2016

Faster, more stable router installed. New network switches installed, faster results.

Scheduled Maintenance on Business Routers

Published: 06/04/2016

Scheduled Maintenance and router upgrade (faster router, more stable).... will take effect between 23:00hrs and Midnight on Wednesday 6th April 2016. Tech Team... Microquiz Ltd

Server Status Update

Published: 15/03/2016

Web Servers - Status is good - no known problems email servers - Status is good - no known problems. Database Servers - Status is good - no known problems. Web Team.

Return to Normal Services

Published: 22/02/2016

Status: emails: Online. Websites: Online, Recovery in process. Following an attack on our servers, eMail services came back are back online. Website affected: Now returning to normal services and are in the process of recovery. We thank our clients for their patience over a difficult ...

Business server back online....

Published: 15/02/2016

Following a major hack, the business server is back online - websites and emails should resume normal services over the next few days (the hacker managed to format some server hard drives).

Update: Buisness Server - Issues

Published: 10/02/2016

Update: We are experiencing problems with our Business Server - It has come under DDOS attack and will effect some mail servers and website servers..... we are working on fixing these issue, very sorry for any problems caused by the hack attack.

Planned Upgrade Router Speeds Improved

Published: 25/10/2015

Completed Upgrade: We have upgraded our Router Equipment, services All services are working at faster speeds. Business Mail and Business Servers. Status = Done Web Support Team.

(Completed) Upgrade of Mail Services

Published: 10/09/2015

We've focused on bringing you a reliable and compatible solution that will complement your business. The New webmail and email service introduces faster and improved business webmail, International Domain Name support, country blocking for both authentication and message delivery, improved ...

Business Mail Server Update - Software updated

Published: 09/09/2015

We have upgraded the business mail and webmail software, Links to webmail and business webmail is found at our home page,

Business Server Update....

Published: 21/04/2015

Bussiness Server: The server Is online and all service status is normal. Web Services Team

Optic Fibre Installed

Published: 19/12/2014

Optic Fibre installed and running - all websites and for all customers.

New office phone number

Published: 19/11/2014

Our new office contact phone number is 01909 484665 Our new office address is 12 Gateford Road,Worksop,S80 1EB.

IMAP eMail Services Installed

Published: 01/10/2013

We have installed IMAP email Support. This means that you can connect to "windows 8" and other mobile products. You are now able to collect your emails/delivered direct to your mobile device. This is a new mobile webmail designed exclusively for smartphones and tablets. The mobile webmail ...

Business Pixel Advert Installed

Published: 26/08/2013

Update: Business Pixel Advert Installed to help clients promote your website. Click here. 

Checking and Sending Emails

Published: 28/02/2013

This is the link for your webmail

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